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Got What it Takes? MLBDD Help Wanted!

MLB Daily Dish hires writers right out of its own community Fan Posts section. Start today!


We are now looking for additional contributors and editorial/opinion/analysis writers. We're especially looking for daytime contributors that can both write in AP-style and do a smart, freestyle reaction to credible rumors and MLB news.

We're looking to fill several slots with qualified, passionate, and intelligent writers that can engage our audience. Contributing at MLBDD is a great way to build a portfolio of work and get noticed by hundreds of thousands of readers monthly.

If you're interested and ready to start contributing today, write editorials and reactions based on something we posted in the last 48 hours and post it in our fanpost section:

No further action is necessary -- we scan that section daily and promote the best work to the front page. And if we see a writer rising above and beyond the rest of the pack, we'll promote him or her to front-page contributor.

Best of luck,