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Saturday Open Thread: Off-Topic and Trade Talk

Can anyone explain why Sluggerr's crown is the same color as his fur? Did anyone think this out?
Can anyone explain why Sluggerr's crown is the same color as his fur? Did anyone think this out?

Looks like all or most of us are out for the day, which makes sense since it's nearly boiling outside and we're all working on our nuclear-winter-ready tans. While we're off enjoying our new "did it change colors?"-type freckles, here's what's on my mind:

  • Not sure if any of us said anything on twitter, but I know all of our hearts at MLBDD go out to the families affected by violence both by yesterday's tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and by acts of violence everywhere.
  • Anyone actually go see TDKR? Mrs. Bopp and I are planning to see it tomorrow, but I haven't been hearing great things. Let me know what you think about it (spoilers will be insta-perma banned so don't effin' tempt me).
  • My thoughts on Guthrie/Sanchez trade: it's not hard to explain if you look at it from both club's perspectives. For the Royals, esp. from Dayton Moore's point of view, you gotta feel bad for the guy trading for Melky for Sanchez and it turning out they way it did.
  • Everyone, including me, thought it was a mistake to keep Frenchy in KC over Melky, but hey, at least they were clearing out room for Cain (who was promptly injured at the beginning of the season). Frenchy has been appropriately disappointing, but nobody -- NOBODY -- predicted Melky would blow up the way he has this season. So looking at the Guthrie trade from GMDM's perspective, it was a chance to save face on that disastrous mistake. Now throw in that Guthrie by all accounts is a stand-up dude that DM just freaking loves (unless it's Jose Guillen), and it makes an awful lot of sense. Throw in Guthrie's road splits, and hell, I'm kinda talking myself into thinking we could see a turn-around here.
  • The Rockies' perspective is similar in that they traded for Guthrie and he's been nothing less than a complete disappointment and one ingredient of their likewise disappointing season. The trade gives them a chance to save some money, and if Sanchez has even a few more starts in him (I'm not sure he does!), maybe it will be worth it. I'm guessing that this is more of a "let's wash our hands of this and move on" thing from both sides, and if they get something, anything in return on either side, awesome.
  • Anyone wrap their arms around the massive Astros/Blue Jays player exchange from yesterday? Let me hear your thoughts below.

So here's your open thread for the day -- reply, rebut, or analyze any of the above, or talk about whatever you want. I'll be in and out throughout the day. If I see something that you need to see, I'll post it in the comments section until we can get full coverage on it.