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Cole Hamels Rumors: Phillies "Actively Trying" to Secure Extension

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UPDATE - Joel Sherman of The New York Post and Bob Nightengale of USA Today are each reporting that Hamels is still considering the Phillies most recent offer. Sherman hears the offer is in the six-year, $140 million range, while Nightengale is reporting six-years, $135 million:

10:00 AM EDT - The Philadelphia Phillies are still in active talks to extend left-hander Cole Hamels before next week's trade deadline, reports Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly.

Eight days before the trade deadline, the Phillies continue to try to get a contract extension hammered out with Cole Hamels.

"They’re trying -- actively trying," a person with knowledge of the situation told on Monday afternoon. "They’re making offers."

The Phillies reportedly made a six-year, $130 million offer to Hamels last week, but no real updates have emerged since the offer was made. Some have interpreted this silence to mean that the intensity of the closed door meetings is ramping up, and people within the Phillies camp are optimistic Hamels will re-sign.

"I think it happens," one plugged-in person said. "But you never know until they all agree."

Eligible for free agency at season's end, Hamels will likely be traded for young prospects if the Phillies cannot reach an agreement with the left-hander by next week. It is believed Hamels is looking for an average annual salary near $24 million, on par with teammate Cliff Lee's contract.


Will Cole Hamels end up staying with the Phillies?