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Braves GM: Dempster Deal "Highly Unlikely"

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While the Ryan Dempster saga continues for at least another day, the Atlanta Braves have moved on about the possibility of acquiring the right-hander from the Chicago Cubs, writes David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"It's highly unlikely that we make that deal," Braves general manager Frank Wren said Wednesday morning. "No, it's not dead. But I'm not going to paint us in a corner.... We've moved on. From very early on, when it became a question [of whether Dempster would approve the deal], we didn't stop scouting, we didn't stop having questions with other clubs. We've moved on."

Dempster, who holds 10-and-5 rights, recently rebuffed a trade that would have sent him to the Braves. He continues to hold out hope of a trade to his preferred destination, the Los Angeles Dodgers. But if the Cubs are unable to receive a package they are comfortable with, the team plans to hold onto Dempster and work to acquire a compensatory pick in the off-season.


Will the Dodgers pull off a trade to acquire Ryan Dempster?