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Dodgers Rumors: Josh Willingham, Alfonso Soriano, Bryan LaHair


The Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers have discussed including outfielders Alfonso Soriano or Bryan LaHair to a Ryan Dempster trade, reports Danny Knobler of

The Dodgers and Cubs, stalled on what the Dodgers would give up in a trade for Ryan Dempster, have had some discussions on expanding the deal to also include Alfonso Soriano or Bryan LaHair, sources say.

Given the news that fellow Cubs right-hander Matt Garza isn’t expected to be traded until the off-season, Chicago figures to ramp up its efforts to trade Dempster.

However, the Cubs have hit several roadblocks in talks with teams such as the Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, mostly due to Dempster 10/5 rights which allow the veteran to veto potential trades.

Knobler says the Cubs are "desperate to rid themselves of Soriano," though he calls the likelihood of the veteran being included in a trade with the Dodgers a "massive longshot."

LA has expressed interest in adding a bat as well as a starter this summer, and Knobler reports the Dodgers have also talked the Minnesota Twins about sluggers Justin Morneau and Josh Willingham.


Will the Dodgers add another bat as well as a starter this summer?