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Dodgers In On Shane Victorino, Still Discussing Ryan Dempster

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With the trade deadline less than 12 hours away, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes the Los Angeles Dodgers are not done dealing and could make at least two more trades before the 4 PM EST deadline.

According to Rosenthal, the Dodgers remain in talks with the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs regarding deals that would send outfielder Shane Victorino of Philadelphia and right-handed starting pitcher Ryan Dempster of Chicago to Los Angeles. One will be easier to complete than the other.

A Dodgers trade for Victorino should be easier to accomplish. One of the Phillies' potential targets, right-handed reliever Josh Lindblom, became more expendable for the Dodgers on Monday after the team added League to its bullpen.

With the Phillies and Cubs both in sell mode, there is no reason for either team to hold onto their respective free-agent-to-be player. It all comes down to being comfortable and reasonable with a presented deal, though, which is more likely to happen now with the trade deadline just hours away.