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Phillies Rumors: Juan Pierre Drawing Interest


The Phillies aren't going to be trading any major pieces soon, but as they get ready to potentially become sellers before the trade deadline, outfielder Juan Pierre is drawing interest, reports Buster Olney of ESPN.

Pierre, 34, has hit .312/.349/.380 through 72 games this season, spending all of his time in left field. He's also nabbed 20 bases thus far, at a surprisingly high success rate. He's only been caught stealing three times in 23 attempts, which constitutes a substantial improvement over previous seasons.

The Phillies continue to fall further back in the standings, and it's becoming increasingly evident that the team probably won't contend this season. That means that we could see a Pierre -- who signed a minor-league contract this offseason -- traded away rather soon.


How many players will the Phillies trade away before the deadline?