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Justin Upton Rumors: Diamondbacks Will Consider Offers

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According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Arizona Diamondbacks will "consider offers" for their star outfielder Justin Upton.

Rosenthal writes that if the D'backs can move up in the standings, they'll target a third baseman at the trade deadline in hopes of bolstering their team for a late-season playoff run. If not, however, Stephen Drew and Ryan Roberts could become trade chips.

Upton, of course, would be Arizona's biggest trade chip. The 24-year-old's contract, which contains a four-team no-trade clause, looks like this:

  • 2012: $6.75M
  • 2013: $9.75M
  • 2014: $14.25M
  • 2015: $14.5M
According to Rosenthal, the teams on Upton's no-trade clause back in 2010 were Seattle, Detroit, Kansas City, and Oakland, but the list has reportedly since been adjusted.

Upton will undoubtedly attract many suitors, as he's just one year removed from an MVP-caliber season, and he's still quite young. In specific, the Indians, Pirates, Mariners, and Yankees could pursue the right fielder.