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Indians Rumors: Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo


Paul Hoynes of The Plain Dealer lists what steps the Cleveland Indians should take this off-season in order to put themselves into the best position to succeed in the future. Hoynes’ ideas involve veteran Indians such as Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore and Shin-Soo Choo.

Hoynes believes it’s time for the Indians to part ways with Hafner and Sizemore, as each player is eligible to become a free agent following the 2012 season:

For one thing, it’s time to cut the cord with Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore. Hafner went on the disabled list Thursday with a back injury and could stay there the rest of the season. This is the final year of Pronk's four-year, $57 million contract extension, a millstone that has impeded the progress of the franchise for too long.

While Hoynes believes Choo has the talent to be a part of Cleveland’s future core, he notes that the outfielder has "rebuffed the Indians’ repeated attempts to sign him to an extension." Hoynes believes that if "the Indians want to bring new talent into the organization, trading Choo would be a good start."

Hoynes concludes by listing Cleveland’s two most clear areas of need heading into next season; a legitimate left fielder and third baseman. He adds that it remains unclear if Lonnie Chisenhall is the club’s long-term answer at the hot corner.


What moves do you believe the Indians should make this off-season?