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Mets Rumors: 2013 Payroll, Johan Santana

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The New York Mets 2013 payroll isn’t likely to increase much from the $90 million they have committed to the 2012 season, reports Adam Rubin of

Although general manager Sandy Alderson publicly said last week a formal budget has not been established for next season, the Mets are likely to have a payroll comparable to the slightly more than $90 million they have committed in 2012, according to a person briefed on the current internal planning.

According to Rubin’s source, this would leave the Mets with $10-to-$15 million to spend this off-season, if general manager Sandy Alderson “is lucky.”

If this is the case, the Mets will have to get creative if they want to free up room in their budget for additional spending. One way they could do this is by trading left-hander Johan Santana. Andy Martino of the New York Daily News recently evaluated the prospects of such a deal.

Santana is owed a whopping $25.5 million next season, and the Mets hold a $25 million options for the 2014 season, which includes a $5.5 million buyout.

One American League executive didn’t call Santana untradeable, but he said his value is certainly limited. Another said it would be interesting if the Los Angeles Dodgers, or other teams willing to take on money, would get involved.

All in all, Martino believes the “Mets will likely need to assume far too much of Santana’s salary to make a trade worthwhile.”


Should the Mets attempt to trade Santana?