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Dodgers Sign Mexican Left-hander Julio Urias

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed 16-year-old left-hander Julio Urias of Mexico, reports Ben Badler of Baseball America:

The Dodgers have signed Julio Urias, a 16-year-old lefthander from Mexico

Terms of Urias’ contract with the Dodgers are not immediately available.

Badler notes that some scouts considered Urias to be "one of the better pitching prospects on the market." The southpaw has touched 92 mph on the radar gun and shows "good feel for pitching at his age," according to Badler.

Whatever the amount of the contract agreed upon by Urias and the Dodgers, Badler reports that not all of it will count against the team’s $2.9 million international bonus pool for the 2012-13 signing period. Major League Baseball has said that "for Mexican League transfers of Mexican-born citizens, only the amount that goes to the player (usually 25 percent) will count against the team’s international pool," according to Badler.

Along with Urias, the Dodgers have signed Cuban outfielder Yasiel Puig, three pitching prospects, Lenix Osuna, Victor Gonzalez and William Soto, and catching prospect Julian Leon.