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Houston Astros Managerial Candidates

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The Houston Astros have a long list of managerial candidates general manager Jeff Luhnow will sort through, including Jim Riggleman, Joey Cora, Chris Maloney, Jose Oquendo, Mike Maddux, Tim Bogar, Joe McEwing and Joe Pettini, reports Jon Heyman of

Riggleman like several of the candidates has ties to the Cardinals, where Luhnow was an executive before being hired in Houston, but Riggleman is separated by his vast experience. Riggleman, currently managing the Reds' Double-A Pensacola (Fla.) club, managed the Cubs, Padres, Nationals and Mariners (Seattle was on an interim basis).

Other names who have been speculated as possible candidates for the Astros job include Sandy Alomar Jr., Marlins coach Joey Cora, Cardinals coaches Chris Maloney and Jose Oquendo, Rangers coach Mike Maddux, Red Sox coach Tim Bogar, White Sox coach Joe McEwing and Astros coach Joe Pettini.

Heyman notes that, beyond Riggleman, none of the other candidates listed have experience as manager at the major league level. He also says that Astros current interim manager, former Triple-A Oklahoma skipper Tony DeFrancesco, could be a candidate, "though he would seem to be a long shot for the fulltime job."


Who should the Astros hire to be their next manager?