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Cubs Rumors: Marmol, Soriano May Be Waivers Trade Bait

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The Chicago Cubs may look to trade closer Carlos Marmol and outfielder Alfonso Soriano on the waiver wire this month, reports Gordon Witten-Meyer of the Chicago Sun-Times:

[The deadline passing] means four weeks of looking for waiver-wire bargains and continuing to shop big-contract players who should clear waivers, such as Marmol and Alfonso Soriano...

Marmol could be one of the most valuable relievers available in August, assuming he clears waivers. The Cubs would eat some of the money left on his contract to assure young talent in return.

With the large sums of money both veterans are owed, it is unlikely a team will claim them if placed on the waiver wire. The 29-year-old Marmol still has $12.4 million left on his contract for this season and the next, while Soriano has $42 million owed through 2014.

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer promised that the team would "continue to be active in August", which could mean finding the right deal for the pricey veterans once they clear waivers. Soriano has a full no-trade clause, which makes moving him much more difficult, but the outfielder has said he is open to the possibility.


Who is more likely to be traded: Carlos Marmol or Alfonso Soriano?