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Shane Victorino Open to Re-Signing With Dodgers


Los Angeles Dodgers left-fielder Shane Victorino is open to re-signing with the club in the offseason, but only if he has a starting job, reports Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

Shane Victorino says he would like to re-sign with the Dodgers but has no intention of doing so to be a bench player who would sit behind Carl Crawford.

"Are you crazy?" Victorino said. "I'm not even thinking about stepping back. Why would I? I'm 31 years old. . . . I'm going to be an everyday play, whether it be here, whether it be Philly, whether it be any uniform."

Acquired from the Phillies at the trade deadline, Victorino seemed to fit nicely into the Dodgers' long-term plans until they completed last week's "MegaTrade" with the Boston Red Sox. Now, if Victorino decides to remain in Los Angeles, he is poised to fight for playing time with Carl Crawford, who is owed a hefty $102.5 million through the 2017 season.

Victorino seems optimistic about finding common ground with the Dodgers, telling Hernandez that "anything can happen", and likes where the team appears to be headed. The 31-year-old is in no danger of losing playing time to Crawford this season, as he just underwent Tommy John surgery, but things may get complicated once Spring Training comes around.

Victorino is hitting just .248/.303/.356 with one home run in twenty-four games since arriving in LA.