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White Sox Rumors: Team Expects Another Active August


The Chicago White Sox will be actively monitoring the waiver wire, according to Scott Merkin of Here's what White Sox general manager Kenny Williams had to say about his approach to the waiver period:

"It's a mistake to sit in this chair and feel like there's not one more move to make. So, I will constantly challenge our staff to find that one more move, that difference maker.

"Sometimes the difference maker isn't an impact player. Sometimes it's a fit here or there. That's the best way I can put it. We are always looking for that one more move."

The team's additions of Kevin Youkilis, Brett Myers and Francisco Liriano have put a strain on their payroll flexibility, which could hinder their chances of adding another piece.

The White Sox were quiet last August, but have been one of the more active teams in recent years. In 2010, Chicago claimed Manny Ramirez from the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2009, they claimed Alex Rios from the Toronto Blue Jays, traded Jim Thome to the Dodgers and Jose Contreras to the Colorado Rockies.

The White Sox are pacing the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central. They enter today's action with a two and a half game lead in the division.


What is the White Sox's greatest position of need?