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Excerpts From Experts: Deadline Fallout and Waiver Speculation

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Here are a few exerts from some great content produced about the trade deadline and waiver trades from around the Internet:

Former Cincinnati Reds general manager Jim Bowden too a look into trades that should have happened, but didn't on ESPN Insider. One of the five deals he listed was Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers for Mike Olt and Cody Buckel.

"With a revised rotation of Lee, Dempster, Harrison, Darvish and Holland, the Rangers would be poised for a third chance at a World Series championship. This would be a painful deal for the Rangers -- their championship window is open right now and it could mean the difference between being the first world champion Texas Rangers squad rather than remembered as baseball’s version of the Buffalo Bills."

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated reminded his readers that just since the non-waiver trade deadline has past that doesn't mean there won't still be some important trades made. He also threw some names out of players who will likely be placed on waivers.

"What kinds of players are likely to pass through waivers? Players with bloated contracts, such as Heath Bell of the Marlins and Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs are likely to get through unclaimed -- lest a claiming club be stuck with the player and the bill. Jim Thome has been traded in August twice in the past three years -- why not again?

Relievers tend not to get through waivers, but Francisco Rodriguez of Milwaukee might be one because he is an expensive setup arm. The typical August deals involve complementary position players, which could include players such as Jeff Francouer of the Royals (again), Carlos Lee of the Marlins, Jose Lopez of the Indians and Scott Hairston of the Mets."

Joe Sheehan, also of Sports Illustrated, offered up a handful of waiver candidates himself. He put the odds that Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez would be traded at 45 percent.

"A willingness to eat some of the money owed Ramirez could enable Milwaukee to pick up better prospects in a deal, and owner Mark Attanasio has rarely allowed money to be a barrier to his team's performance. It's too much to hope that the Yankees will swoop in to take Ramirez as a short-term hedge against Alex Rodriguez's health, but the Diamondbacks and the A's both have holes at third base and a need to add some power, and both were rumored to be willing to add payroll as July came to a close."

Baseball Nation's Grant Brisbee listed three waiver candidates he found most interesting. While most waiver speculation revolves around players who are preforming under their current contract, Brisbee threw out Minnesota Twins left fielder Josh Willingham as an interesting name that could end up on the waiver wire.

"But between the Royals and Yankees, someone will claim him. And they'll get an exclusive window to see what the Twins' price is. The Twins have said they aren't planning to trade Willingham, but they have to at least listen. They aren't just a plugged hole short of a functional rowboat, and Willingham could bring back two or three nice prospects.

Willingham has been the best hitter on the Twins this year, and that contract looks like a steal. But he's just one player, he's 33, and he's never been the healthiest player. There are untouchable players. Willingham isn't one of them. It'll be interesting to see if a team claims him and makes a serious play."

Finally, Jack Moore of FanGraphs listed three hitters and three pitchers who could be traded through waivers. One of the potentially available arms he listed was the Oakland Athletics' Brandon McCarthy, who is currently on a rehab assignment.

"McCarthy’s is eligible for free agency after the season. He is clearly good enough to help the A’s win in 2012, but if the A’s can fetch a reasonable shortstop for him, the upgrade could be bigger than the upgrade he presents over Bartolo Colon or A.J. Griffin or recent callup Dan Straily. The shortstop market was so rough prior to the waiver deadline, though, so there just might not be a match out there."