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Community Question: Who Would You Like See Waived From Your Favorite Team?

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We saw the non-waiver trade deadline come and go this past week, but there will be plenty of activity to follow this month. We’ve already seen a few waiver deals go down, but who would you like to see your favorite team dump through the waiver process?

That’s right, we’re talking addition by subtraction this morning, and as a Minnesota Twins fan (excuse me while I remove the brown paper bag from my head) I see a few players left on the roster I’d like to see moved for something --- cash considerations, a box of baseballs, Mike Trout’s rookie card, a lock of Fernando Rodney’s magical beard … just something.

Even the best teams have a hole or two in their bullpen, and that fact could help the Twins move closer Matt Capps once he can prove he’s fully healthy. Capps is making $4.75 million this year and has a $6 million option for 2013.

The Twins would be wise to see what they can get for Carl Pavano, who will be a free agent this offseason, but he has to get healthy, too. Capps hasn’t pitched since July 16 and Pavano’s last start came June 1.

At this point, it’s not likely either pitcher would garner interest on the waiver wire, but utility infielder Jamey Carroll could makes sense for a contender looking for bench help. I wouldn’t mind at all seeing all three of those players on their way out of Minnesota.

Which Player Would You Most Like To See Waived From Your Team’s Roster?