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Rays to Activate Evan Longoria


The Tampa Bay Rays will activate third baseman Evan Longoria before today’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the league has announced:

Longoria has been out since the end of April while dealing with a partially torn hamstring. The 26-year-old began rehabbing the injury in June, but he faced a setback and had to be shutdown.

Prior to joining the Rays today, Longoria started a second rehab stint and was able to complete it. The assignment lasted eight games, over which Longoria went 6-30 with no extra-base hits.

Longoria played in only twenty-three games this season for Tampa Bay before hitting the disabled list. He had gotten off to a hot start, hitting .329/.433/.561 with seven doubles and four home runs over eighty-two at-bats.

The Rays have indicated that they are likely to use Longoria as their designated hitter until his hamstring is fully healed, in order to get his bat back in their lineup. Tampa Bay’s manager Joe Maddon also said the three-time All-Star is not expected to play every day initially.


Will Longoria's return be enough to propel the Rays into the playoffs?