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Marlins Will Still Spend, But Selectively

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The Miami Marlins spent without any constraints in the off-season, signing Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle to multi-year deals. Their plan didn't work out and the team clearly didn't get the results they wanted. Aware of the team's lack of success, the Marlins dealt several of their core players that included third baseman Hanley Ramirez, second baseman Omar Infant and right-handed starter Anibal Sanchez

Now Marlins fans and baseball pundits wonder if the Marlins will turn into their old form of rolling out low payroll teams. Joe Frisaro of writes the Marlins have learned from their mistakes and will selectively spend in free agency. While the payroll has dropped, it will still be in the $90 million range.

"Now, if we want to get players who will help us and surround our players, we have to do better," Samson said. "If we want to go into the free agency market, I'm not saying [Jose] Reyes, [Mark] Buehrle and [Heath] Bell are not good. We need to do better with how the team fits together."