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Astros RHP Mickey Storey Hit in Face by Line Drive

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Houston Astros right-hander Mickey Storey exited last night’s contest against the Chicago Cubs after taking a line drive to the face off the bat of outfielder Dave Sappelt. Luckily for Storey, he only suffered a contusion to his right hand and the right side of his jaw, according to Brian McTaggart of

Storey was able to get his right hand up in time to deflect some of the impact of the line drive before it hit his right jaw. He stumbled around, holding his face, bent over, and finally took a knee when the training staff and Astros manager Tony DeFrancesco reached the mound. Storey was able to exit the field under his own power.

Following the recent Brandon McCarthy incident, this surely had players and fans alike scared for Storey, though based on initial reports it doesn’t appear his injuries are serious.