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Reds' Dusty Baker Hospitalized With Irregular Heartbeat


Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker was hospitalized Wednesday evening due to an irregular heartbeat and stayed in a Chicago-area hospital overnight as a precaution, MLB has announced:

Baker experienced chest pains in his office prior to Wednesday's game and -- after being examined by the Chicago Cubs' team doctor -- an ambulance was called. Chest x-rays and other tests ruled out both pneumonia and a heart attack, but more tests will be run today to confirm it was only arrhythmia. According to Reds trainer Paul Lessard, Baker has a history with cardiac arrhythmia but that it doesn't typically affect the veteran skipper.

Baker will miss Thursday's series finale vs. the Cubs but is expected to return to the team on Friday. At eleven games up in the AL Central, the Reds could clinch the division crown as early as this weekend.