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Royals to seek rotation help in offseason

Owner David Glass believes the team can acquire the rotation pieces needed to compete in 2013.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Kansas City Royals need starting pitching help if they want to compete in 2013, and owner David Glass is willing to do what it takes to get that help, reports Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star:

"We are committed to improving our starting pitching. Exactly how we’re going to do it, or what is going to be available, I don’t have any idea right now.

"But we’ll have a plan in place (going into the offseason). We know we need to improve this team for next year. This starting pitching is going to get better."

Glass even went so far as to say the team is willing to take on a financial loss to acquire the starting pitching they sorely need. The team does not likely have the resources to pull in a top-line free agent starter like Zack Greinke, but a couple middle-of-the-rotation starters are well within reach.

The club has already shown interest in retaining mid-season acquisition Jeremy Guthrie, who has pitched well for the Royals since his escape from Coors Field, but will probably not make a more than two-year offer for right-hander.

While the Royals boast a very strong bullpen, Kansas City starters have put up a 4.99 ERA on the season, good for fifth-worst in baseball.