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Dusty Baker suffered "mini-stroke" Friday

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker revealed Tuesday that he suffered a "mini-stroke" on Friday while preparing to be discharged from a Chicago hospital where he was being treated for an irregular heartbeat, reports Mark Sheldon of

As [Baker] was being discharged on Friday, he suffered a mini-stroke and immediately was treated by the hospital’s stroke team, which minimized the effects of the stroke.

Dusty returned to Cincinnati on Sunday, and his condition has improved dramatically.

Baker was originally admitted to the hospital last Wednesday by ambulance after complaining of chest discomfort in his office prior to the day's game. After two nights in the hospital the 63-year-old was given the all-clear to go home Friday, but then suffered the stroke.

Both Baker's cardiologist and neurologist believe the Reds' manager will make a full recovery, which is fantastic news in what has been a very scary week. Baker is not expected to return to the dugout until the final series of the season at the earliest.