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Red Sox "close" to hiring Jason Varitek

Boston is close to bringing their long-time captain back in a front office role.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Former Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek is close to taking on a front office role with his former club, reports Rob Bradford of WEEI:

Retired Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, according to a major league source, is "close" to agreement on a role within the Sox organization.

It is possible that he will head to Florida in the coming days to work with Red Sox minor leaguers taking part in the fall instructional league.

The Red Sox have had a spot waiting for Varitek in the organization since his retirement in spring training, but the 40-year-old initially turned down a position so that he could spend more time with his family. Varitek was still uninterested when approached with the subject in July, but has apparently had a recent change of heart.

It is unclear as of yet what Varitek's role in the organization will be, but it is likely he will head to Florida next week to help minor leaguers at the club's fall instructional league.