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Will Roger Clemens Pitch in the Majors This Season?

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If you ask Roger Clemens, he’s just having fun. If you ask others around Major League Baseball, they aren’t so sure.

The 50-year-old Clemens is preparing to make another start for the Sugar Land Skeeters this Friday, and while there have been rumors to the contrary, he insists it will be his final start. The Rocket says he’s just having fun and doesn’t intend to bring his talents back to MLB.

Still, the Houston Astros have reportedly been sniffing around Clemens, and there’s believed to be a chance that the club will offer him a contract that would have him make a handful of starts to end the regular season.

The Astros interest in Clemens stems from an ability to put fans in seats. Clemens intentions could be two-fold; his ability to return to a sport that he reportedly feels he left too early, and as a way to turn back his Hall of Fame eligibility clock five years. While we’ll all still know the story of Clemens five years from now, his hope may be that the extremely negative stigma surrounding steroids may have lessened by that time.