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Baseball Blog Banquet: HoF voting, Justin Upton, Mike Morse

Justin Upton rumors swirl, trade is rejected, Adam LaRoche signs, and Hall of Fame voters elect NO ONE all highlight this week's MLB headlines. Here are some of the best blog posts on all of them.

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The first full week of January hasn’t been without its intriguing MLB storylines. The BBWWA sent a message with their recent Hall of Fame vote, Justin Upton sent a message to the Mariners and the Nationals re-signed Adam LaRoche and could be ready to send Mike Morse elsewhere. We’re sending you the top links on the hot MLB storylines of the week below:

The voters elected to keep Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, etc. all out of the Hall of Fame, as the results are no active players entering the class of 2013.

  • Lewie Pollis of Beyond the Box Score looks into one questionable portion of the voting process.
  • Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation provides his take on the voter’s decision.
  • BN’s Mike Bates tells you why the Hall of Fame is still worth caring about.

Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton rejected a trade that would have sent him to the Mariners for four players.

  • AZ Snake Pit’s Jim McLennan asks if Upton is on his way out of Arizona.
  • Matthew of Lookout Landing examines Upton’s surplus value.
  • LL’s Jeff Sullivan details the price of a Justin Upton trade.
  • Dave Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner says it's now up to the Mariners to convince Upton Seattle is a better situation than Arizona.

The Nationals re-signed Adam LaRoche to a two-year contract, and the rumors have since been flowing about a possible trade of Mike Morse.

  • Bill Parker of Federal Baseball wonders if LaRoche got what he deserved.
  • Meanwhile, FB’s Patrick Reddington looks at what could be next for Washington with LaRoche back in the fold.
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