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Red Sox offering Mike Napoli one-year deal

Boston has lowered their offer to the veteran slugger considerably.

Ezra Shaw

The endless Mike Napoli saga is continuing for the Boston Red Sox. The latest reports say that the team is trying to sign the catcher/first baseman to just a one-year deal, not a three-year agreement as originally planned.

Mike Bowden from ESPN reported earlier this evening that Boston has concerns about Napoli's hip and want to reduce his agreed deal to guarantee just one year.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said earlier this week that the team is hopeful they will come to terms with Napoli, but nothing appears to be close. Boston traded Jerry Sands to Pittsburgh and James Loney is a free agent, so they have no first basemen on the roster at the moment. With less than two months to go until camp opens, things may get pressing very quickly for the both sides.

The Red Sox are talking to the Washington Nationals about acquiring Mike Morse, and are also exploring less exciting alternatives as well, which makes one question the Napoli situation's stability.