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This is Charlie Sheen wearing every World Baseball Classic home jersey

Well maybe it's not Charlie Sheen, but the illustrated model looks like him, kinda. Let's review:

Brad White


1. Australia = Subaru?

2. Brasil = Soccer jersey

3. Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico = Average boring MLB jersey

4. China, Japan, Korea = Someone needs a font class, I think! I hate that these just have a foreign-looking font without really honoring their countries in any way, anyway. Compare that to say, Mexico or Brasil, which look distinctly like something from those countries. Why are these in English anyway?

5. Cuba, Italia, Netherlands = Now that's a baseball jersey!

6. Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain = let's grab some beers before the softball game y'all!

7. USA = meh. It's the Sam's Choice of baseball jerseys.


h/t reddit/baseball