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What if MLB players wore soccer jerseys?

From a perfect blend of genius, design, creativity, and madness comes these simply amazing conceptual MLB soccer jerseys from designer M. Willis. What do you think?

Oh, footy fans, you magical fools.
Oh, footy fans, you magical fools.
Michael Regan

Honestly I think they're cool as hell. I think they could look weird in full gear, though, and the cap, pants, and glove combo could ruin the look. But still, check out a few of my favorites:





First, check out M. Willis' entire awesome blog. You guys should know I love design so I like to promote good creative ones wherever I see it.

Second, what do you think? Me:

  • Part of me sees the (admittedly optional to the team) sponsors and wants to puke, but in cases like the Rangers that could utilize the Mobil Pegasus, we could see some really neat uses.
  • I shudder to think about our less-than-lithe players squeezing into these things. Bartolo Colon stretching that beautiful Oakland green over his ... uh .. rotundness? We can probably leave out the part about how a lot of these soccer jerseys are actually quite shiny and unforgiving to less-than-perfect athletes.

146236504Photo credit: Doug Pensinger

  • Still, I wouldn't mind seeing it for a day or several. Pink bats and cleats and throwbacks and rainbow jerseys and powder blues and hell, even those future uniform ... no. We have to draw the line somewhere. But this would be a nice departure for a few days per year, perhaps to support a good cause.

Give M. Willis a follow on Twitter, too.