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Breakfast Links: Justin Upton, Javier Vazquez, Brian Wilson

The latest in baseball news and rumors to complement the most important meal of your day.

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We're rolling out content like never before here at MLBDD, and we want to make sure you're not missing any of it.

And so we'd like to introduce you to Breakfast Links, a daily morning recap of all the news and notes from the day prior meant to get you up to speed on baseball happenings before you head off to work and/or school.

Whether you're enjoying a nice three-egg omelette, some Frosted Flakes, or microwaveable pancakes, we hope you choose to start your day off right and feed your brain with the latest in news and rumors from around the league:

Main Entrees

1. This winter's chapter of the Justin Upton saga may finally be coming to an end, as the Diamondbacks now feel "fine" about keeping him and the gaggle of other outfielders they have on the roster. As anyone who's ever been in a relationship knows, "fine" actually means "not fine" but there really isn't much GM Kevin Towers can do about it at this point.

2. The Washington Nationals have "heavy interest" in right-hander Javier Vazquez, who is currently lighting up the radar gun in Puerto Rico after spending the 2012 season away from baseball. Both Sox squads have also scouted the veteran right-hander, but the Nats' pursuit of the Most Stacked Rotation Ever and their relative proximity to Vazquez's home in the 51st state may give them the upper hand.

3. The New York Mets remain the only team yet to sign a major-league free agent this offseason, but may not hold that title much longer. GM Sandy Alderson sat in on a private workout with free-agent closer Brian Wilson over the weekend, and are believed to have "strong interest" in the hirsute right-hander. New York is still shopping for a starter as well, but is restricting its search to thrift stores and Wal-Mart.



- Roy Oswalt wants to pitch again in 2013, but only for half a season and only on his terms. Since that worked so well last season, I don't see why he'd have any problem attracting suitors again this year.

- The Miami Marlins are expected to sign veteran Austin Kearns to a minor-league contract, providing insurance at first base in case Logan Morrison's knee continues to act up.

- The Boston Red Sox are exploring several alternatives at first base to Mike Napoli as negotiations with the slugger continue to go nowhere.


Extra Bacon

Required Reading:

Unbeknownst to many, National Geographic has much more to offer than pretty pictures of animals and Cesar Milan. In fact, their magazine has some of the best long-form writing out there. Whether it's a fascinating look into the history of the King James Bible or the secrets of sleep, their articles rarely disappoint.

This week, David Madson recounts one of the craziest survival stories of all time.


Never wanting for an opportunity to congratulate themselves for being really good at pretending, Hollywood hosted the Golden Globes last night. A smorgasbord of both film and TV, the winners of the night are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press, which I'm pretty sure is made up of all the bad guys from James Bond films.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted and -- judging solely from the seven-minute opening monologue I just watched -- they were their typical funny selves. Argo and the bombastic Les Miserables were the big winners of the night, though the HFPA got all socialist with their awards -- as Europeans are wont to do -- and spread the spoils around pretty evenly.

And now, I leave you with Mel Gibson face.