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Embarrassing pics of man-child MLB bedroom sheets reveal sad, out-of-use logos

What follows is a shameful collection of sheets, comforters, and pillow cases with MLB Team logos plastered all over them.

Time to wash that pillow, dude.
Time to wash that pillow, dude.


Whoa! Check out the sweet old logos on this thing -- the Rays, the Pirates, the Marlins, the Astros, and the ... the Expos all make an appearance. Don't look at that pillow which looks like a deleted extra from that cave scene in Prometheus. Good lord man toss that thing in the washer with a gallon of bleach.


Now this is a quality pair of pillowcases. Note the appearance of the California Angels, Milwaukee Brewers' old logo, and more Marlins sadness. Hope mom doesn't mind you using the kitchen table to snap pics of your bedsheets my good man.


Here's the real gem, which is apparently an MLB pillow caught in the act of being an MLB pillow. Spotted: another old Expos logo. This is making me sad. But obviously not as sad as all the women these guys are fighting off with a stick.

I joke, but these are actually pretty cool and I wish I had at least one iteration of Royals bedding when I was growing up, but there's no way my parents could afford it. You guys have any shameful MLB bedding pics you'd like to share?

h/t Reddit/baseball