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Houston Astros' mascot Orbit has a Facebook Page, of course.

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I'm not a fan of mascots, to say the least. I think most of them are bizarre, scary-looking excuses to drum up excitement for bad teams. Same goes for most MLB teams. Sluggerrr, anyone?

That's not to detract from the good works that many of them do, like charities and kids events, but most of them are the stuff of nightmares and should be quietly put out back with the family dog. No. The last family dog.

But not Orbit! Orbit is the recently-revived Houston Astros mascot and he's certainly charming if not completely out of the "I bet this dude is probably a real creep underneath all that" department. Despite his charm, he has a Facebook page. I'll skip the remaining preamble which improbably reveals me to be a heartless fun-hater and I will instead just link some of the better pics from Orbit's page. Enjoy:


Oh that? That's not-creepy-at-all mainstay Elf on the Shelf, posing with Orbit and something that looks like one of those phone things from old movies prior to you know ... 1990. Not that I'm happy with the T-Mobile/MLB deal to replace them. Yikes.


Hai guyz whatcha thinkin?


Wow look hat how big those laces are! Reminds me of an old pair of Vans I used to wear while hacky-sacking, waiting for the bus, and other ways of being cool.