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Tigers rumors: Rick Porcello asking price set

Tigers want shortstop, outfielder or late-inning reliever in exchange for Porcello.

Rick Yeatts

It was reported earlier this morning that the Detroit Tigers are discussing right-hander Rick Porcello with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners. Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports is now adding that Detroit is seeking a shortstop, late-inning reliever or right-handed-hitting outfielder in exchange for Porcello:

The Tigers likely would ask for a shortstop, late-inning reliever or right-handed-hitting outfielder in return.

Morosi says the Tigers don’t appear to be a finalist for free agent outfielder Scott Hairston, who is expected to decide between the New York Mets and Yankees. For this reason, Detroit may look to flip Porcello for an outfielder with few options remaining on the open market.

The Tigers have carried six starters since they re-signed right-hander Anibal Sanchez. Beyond Sanchez and Porcello, Detroit’s projected rotation also includes Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Doug Fister and Drew Smyly.

There was talk of Smyly also being floated as a trade candidate, but most of the focus has centered on Porcello this winter. Morosi notes that the Tigers aren’t forced to trade Porcello or Smyly due to a roster crunch. If they were to keep both pitchers on their roster they are expected to use Porcello as their fifth starter with Smyly being used out of the bullpen.