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Nyjer Morgan gets hacked -- allegedly

In what some might think is a counter-productive effort, Milwaukee centerfielder Nyjer Morgan is admitting to cheating on his girlfriend ... on Twitter.

Dude you effed up this time.
Dude you effed up this time.
Marc Serota

Now, maybe this is a grand trick for attention because Morgan is totally not known for that. And perhaps this is a practical joke played on him by a friend (a nice excuse), or perhaps it's actually his girlfriend on his phone exacting revenge.

Obviously this is all speculation but let's pretend for a moment that 1) it's actually Nyjer tweeting for himself and 2) he's not lying. Hey, we're speculating. I have some questions:

1. How is this possibly a good idea?!

2. What woman on which planet would want the attention for her dude being a scumbag?

3. Do you want a girl that would accept that attention and shame and still stick with you?


4. How quickly will the "my account was hacked" line of defense be used? I bet it's used before I'm done with this silly little article.

Update (maybe)

It turns out No. 4 was right all around -- allegedly. Morgan claimed to be hacked, but later deleted that Tweet, too, before dropping this bit of information: