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KC Royals mascot Sluggerrr injured a man with a flying hot dog

"Like a hot dog down a hallway!" - an old southern saying

Jamie Squire

And now the man is suing.

Actually, the man already did file suit but it was dismissed, and now it's being reinstated on appeals (legal experts feel free to correct my verbiage here) according to the Kansas City Star.

Anyway, the suit/dismissal/reinstatement gives us possibly the best baseball-related legal quote of all time (with apologies to 'Say it ain't so, Joe!'):

“(T)he risk of being hit in the face by a hot dog is not a well-known incidental risk of attending a baseball game,” the court ruled.

“Consequently, a plaintiff may not be said to have consented to, and voluntarily assumed, the risk by attending the game.”