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Red Sox rumors: Mike Napoli situation nearing end?

The Boston/Napoli saga may reach its conclusion by the end of next week.

Layne Murdoch

The Boston Red Sox have made some progress in their (re)negotiations with first baseman/catcher Mike Napoli, and a resolution of some sort is expected by the end of next week, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Free-agent Mike Napoli and the Red Sox have made progress and continue to try to work out an agreement after the first deal -- three years, $39 million -- hit a snag...

There is a belief that there will be a resolution to the situation by next week at the latest.

Whether that resolution will be coming to an agreement with Napoli or deciding to find another solution is up in the air at the moment. Boston still views Napoli as their best bet at first base, according to Heyman, but his lingering hip issue may stand in the way of a deal being brokered.

Numerous reports have indicated that the Red Sox are exploring other options at first base, but it is unclear if those rumored players -- Michael Morse, Casey Kotchman, Lyle Overbay, Nick Johnson -- are intended to complement or supplement Napoli at first.

Napoli was also rumored to be checking on other offers, but nothing has surfaced on that front in some time.