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Ryan Theriot rumors: Phillies, Giants interested

The 33-year-old infielder is drawing interest from at least a pair of clubs.

Jonathan Daniel

There hasn't been much public interest in Ryan Theriot this winter, but that might soon change. The Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants are checking in on the 33-year-old infielder, according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman.

Theriot, who spent the 2012 season as part of the world-champion Giants, would likely be used in a back-up role, as he lacks both a solid glove and a bat. He hit .270/.316/.321 in 2012, unwilling to take a walk and completely unable to muster the ball out of the ballpark. He's a mediocre base-stealer, having managed 13 successful swipes in 18 chances last year.

Though he would be utilized as a utility infielder, Theriot isn't much of a defender. FRAA pegs him for being worth -7.8 runs in the field, while UZR is even less kind, with a mark of -8.1.

However, Theriot might be a good-luck charm. He has been a part of two consecutive World Series championship teams: the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011 and the Giants in 2012.