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MLB The Show 2013 cover revealed: A DREAD PIRATE APPEARS

Here's the new cover for the only playable baseball game left on the market (thanks, OBAMA).



Some thoughts:

1. Man I really like Cutch a lot. Probably my favorite non-Royal other than Reyes. I have a thing for dreads. Billy Butler, are you listening?

2. This cover is pretty good, as far as sports game covers that will look outdated-before-the-end-of-the-year go. (Go through your Madden collection, I dare you).

3. What happened to the state of baseball games, anyway? This is probably nostalgia talking, or perhaps the remaining fog of a regrettable approach to life in my late teens and early twenties, but didn't there used to be several great baseball games yearly? Anyone try the MLB2K series? God god it's horrendous.

4. How weird is it that a PITTSBURGH PIRATE is on the cover of a video game? I wonder how it feels for Bucs fans, y'know? As a Royals fan, I'd go nuts if we could get Hosmer or Perez or Mous or Billy or Alex on the cover, if a bit nervous for completely unsabermetric/scientific/logical reasons.

5. Don't forget, the choices were between Matt Kemp (he of the Grandma-Shoulder-Nipple-Tattoo), Ryan Braun (whose asterisk has an asterisk), Buster Posey (know any Giants fans? Be glad he didn't win.), Bryce Harper (That's a clown cover, bro), Melky Cabrera, and CC Sabathia. Think they got it right? I do.

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