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Late Lunch Links 1/20: Stan Musial, minor signings, cool stuff.

Here's a roundup of the the past day's news, rumors, and some what-I-think-is-cool stuff.

Dilip Vishwanat

So far, so good. I have to admit Nathan's Breakfast Links articles are some of my favorite daily reads, so when I decided to take a stab at it during the weekend I was somewhat intimidated (the man has a fine array of not-baseball interests, I tell ya). But it turns out I have excellent taste myself and while he offers some extra links that lean toward the hard-hitting, mine lean toward fluffy/pointless cool stuff. And SCIENCE.

Here's your Sunday fix of our top baseball stories:

The Big Three

1. The biggest news of the weekend is definitely the deaths of Stan Musial and Earl Weaver. You should see this video of Stan playing "take me out to the ball game" on his harmonica, and you should visit Viva El Birdos for fantastic coverage and an outpouring of emotional fans. We're together in this, baseball fans.

2. Somewhat lesser news is the continued arbitration filings and avoidance agreements. We have them all covered for you with our Arbitration Avoidance Tracker and our Arbitration Filings Tracker. Both are fantastic resources and you should have them bookmarked if you don't already.

3. Finally, Miguel Bautista is still working. The Rockies have signed him to a minor-league deal, which will make the second year in a row the Rox have signed a player that began his career before the club was founded. Amazing.

Other News

  • Minor league deals pouring in: the Cleveland Indians have signed Ryan Raburn to a minor-league deal, and the White Sox signed Matt Lindstrom.
  • We're at that part of the year where just a couple big name free agents are left and where fans begin wondering which free agent utility guys and relievers are available. We're also at that part of the year where GMs make small but impactful moves that make a real difference down the stretch.



  • Check out this really neat hat shop. Me, I'm just a baseball cap guy. But if you're cool enough to wear dapper hats, this is the shop for you. Very neat. I should mention their site is freaking gorgeous and a great example of amazing design. (h/t


  • YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! Cool motorcycles are the coolest. This one is a custom from, and it kicks ass! YES!


  • This is a picture from Mars, showing what looks like mineral deposits from 'a water-soaked past.' This is cool to me. (h/t Scientific American).