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Braves rumors: Michael Bourn, Justin Upton

Atlanta has not closed the door on Bourn or Upton, but they're not close on anything either.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Much like the Texas Rangers, the Atlanta Braves have yet to close the door on acquiring Michael Bourn or Justin Upton, but are not close on anything resembling a deal for either, reports David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Neither Justin Upton nor Michael Bourn has been ruled out by the Braves, though Bourn still seems unlikely given that he would have to take far less money and a much shorter contract than what Scott Boras continues to seek despite the seemingly diminished market for the speedy leadoff man and center fielder.

It is likely that Boras and Bourn would exhaust all of their other options before settling on a deal to bring the speedy center fielder back to Atlanta because the Braves hold the leverage of not having to give up draft pick compensation if they re-sign him.

O'Brien adds that Braves GM Frank Wren has spoken to Boras recently -- and that manager Fredi Gonzalez called Bourn -- but that negotiations for the free-agent outfielder have yet to begin.

The Rangers and Braves seem to be the only two teams still toying with the idea of trading to Upton, though O'Brien writes that neither have shown any indication that they are willing to accommodate D'Backs GM Kevin Towers' asking price for the young outfielder.

Unless Towers is willing to lower his price for Upton, he is not likely to be moved in the next month.