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Pirates, Francisco Liriano agree to deal

Pittsburgh has come to terms on a new contract with the veteran left-hander after the original was scrapped because of injury concerns.


The Pittsburgh Pirates have come to an agreement on a revised contract with veteran southpaw Francisco Liriano, giving the left-hander an incentive-laced two-year deal, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports:

Yes, Francisco Liriano will be a Pittsburgh Pirate.

The free-agent left-hander and the Pirates have finalized their two-year deal, agreeing to adjusted terms after Liriano suffered a broken right arm over the holidays, according to major league sources.

The 29-year-old Liriano agreed to a two-year, $12.75 million deal with the Bucs a month ago yesterday, but a non-throwing-arm injury suffered over the Christmas holiday put the two sides in renegotiation mode.

With the new deal, Liriano can still earn the original guaranteed money but much of it is now tied to incentives. The left-hander's first-year salary can be reduced if he experiences problems with his right arm during the season. His salary the second year will remain set so long as the same right-arm injury does not crop up again.

The specifics of Liriano's injury are still unknown, but it must be pretty serious for the club to renegotiate the terms of his contract due to an ailment that doesn't concern his pitching arm. Liriano missed no time to the DL last season and has made just two such trips since 2010.