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Reds sign Jacob Constante

Cincinnati has inked the young Dominican southpaw for about three-quarters of a million dollars.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The Cincinnati Reds have signed Dominican left-hander Jacob Constante for $730k, reports Ben Badler of Baseball America:

After watching him pitch in the International Prospect League (IPL) all-star game on Friday, the Reds have signed Dominican lefthander Jacob Constante for $730,000...

The Constante signing is the biggest bonus bonus the Reds have agreed to with an international player during the 2012-13 signing period, which began on July 2.

Constante, nearly 19, regularly hit 92-94 mph with his fastball during the IPL outing and showed "flashes" of a potentially above-average slider, according to Badler. The 6'3", 215-lb left-hander also threw a change-up during his performance last Friday, but that graded as below-average.

The Dominican youngster hails from the capital, Santo Domingo, and is already fluent in English -- a nice hurdle to already have cleared before making his way stateside.

Constante's $730k deal is the third-biggest handed out to an amateur left-hander in the current signing period.