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1977: Despicable thievery of Royals' uniforms leads to Brewer-on-Brewer carnage

Here's a great example of the atrocities a quality team like the late 70s Kansas City Royals were forced to endure because 1) they were so awesome and popular and 2) somebody stole their uniforms.

A reader over at Uni-Watch uncovered horrific video evidence of Brewer-on-Brewer crime, most likely the result of uniform burglary the same day. Great read:

The Kansas City Royals had everything but their bats stolen from their County Stadium clubhouse early Sunday morning. …

A thief — or thieves — broke into the Royals’ locker room at the Milwaukee ballpark and absconded with 53 Kansas City uniforms, 20 gloves, 10 pairs of baseball shoes, and 15 warmup jackets. All but seven of the Royals were forced to wear the Brewers’ blue road uniforms.

- The Gettysburg Times | June 13, 1977


Little did these mongrels know their mostly-innocent act would lead to Brewers ruining the honor of other Brewers! That'll show 'em!