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Justin Upton trade: 'I would not have traded Upton.'

Instant analysis from baseball experts around the web.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Justin Upton is finally out of Arizona.

After months (and years, really) of back and forth, GM Kevin Towers has at last pulled the trigger, sending Upton and third baseman Chris Johnson to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for five players: utility man Martin Prado, right-hander Randall Delgado, shortstop Nick Ahmed, right-hander Zeke Spruill, and first baseman Brandon Drury.

Let's get a look-see at what the baseball side of the Twitter-verse thinks of the deal.

Good for the D'Backs:

Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe likes it for Arizona, but seems to be alone in his sentiments:


Bad for the D'Backs:

Jeff Passan wonders why the D'Backs would settle for one year of Martin Prado when they could have had six years of a younger, much more powerful Mike Olt:

Jay Jaffe of SI thinks that Arizona GM Kevin Towers' reputation in the baseball world will be hurt after this deal:

And Rany Jazayerli seems to agree:

Dave of Phillies Fever is having a hard time remembering the last time any Braves prospect panned out for another club, which doesn't bode well for AZ:

No matter how they develop, you can be sure that Royals GM Dayton Moore will acquire them sometime down the road (if he's still employed)...

Sky Kalkman wonders if the expected fallout from the trade isn't the reason Towers' scheduled trip to Africa tomorrow:

While Joe Sheehan of SI thinks Towers should have scheduled the trip much sooner:


Good for the Braves:

Bryan Grosnick of BtB seems to think the trade a steal for the Braves:

And the folks at Talking Chop seem to agree:

This deal is a HUGE win for the Braves. Just HUGE. The Braves get another superstar bat that they have been craving, and they don't have to give up any of their top prospects.


Good for both sides:

While Buster Olney likes the deal for both squads:

As does Dave Cameron of FanGraphs:


Somewhere in the Middle:

Troy Renck of the Denver Post likes the players involved, but thinks it was the wrong time:



And last but not least, the enigmatic Sam Miller:


Well, the initial reaction from that small sample seems to favor the trade for the Braves and really dislike it for the D'Backs. That, of course, could change in time for myriad reasons.

What was your initial reaction to the trade?