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Justin Upton trade: The whole story in one place

As the dust settles on the 2nd or 3rd largest trade of the offseason (let that simmer in your head for a moment), let's take a look back at how this whole thing happened.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

One thing I like to do after major news is to go back to the beginning, or some perceivable moment when the news in question went from imminent to happening to OH GOD to WAT to I'M BATHING IN DBACKS TEARS to what-just-happened and finally to the inevitable final judgment of the day. And here we are. Let's look, shall we?

It begins (kinda)

First of all, I think this particular cycle starts with the Braves and D'backs renewing talks, and not with the failed D'backs-Mariners trade, 1) because that's another story entirely, though it did lay the groundwork and makes Arizona's eventual haul look much much smaller, and 2) because I said so and we have to start somewhere:

It heated up quickly, with an offer being sent and a potential outline to a trade being named:

It's happening!

We had that up early this morning and I'm talking to my guys. "Let's get ready for this thing. Blood is in the water, I can feel it." Except a lot less dramatic and a lot more begging was involved. Anyway, moments later it was like BAM IT'S OFFICIAL GO GO GO:

Everyone panics

It spiraled out of control and into the awesome from there. We had a snap reaction roundup, then a first analysis, and finally some fallout regarding where each team goes from here -- not to mention some great fan reactions over at the team sites Talking Chop and AZ Snake Pit. We have it all right here:

Cooler heads prevail

You probably know I'm happy this saga isn't exactly over, since: content. But I am happy the D'backs finally pulled the plug if only for our readers' Upton tolerance, which should be reaching max by the end of this very article (META!).

There are still some remaining questions, though. How does the NL East shake out now? How about that outfield? What about Bourn? How long has Towers ceded control of the NL West to the Dodgers/Giants, and did he have a choice? I can't wait to find out.