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Rick Porcello rumors: Tigers, Diamondbacks trade doubtful

Arizona GM Kevin Towers doesn't think the club will add another starter this winter.


In the frenzy following the Justin Upton trade yesterday morning, a report surfaced that the Diamondbacks were now shifting their focus to working out a deal with the Detroit Tigers for young right-hander Rick Porcello.

Well, those reports may have been a bit premature and exaggerated. D'Backs general manager Kevin Towers stated Thursday afternoon that is was "doubtful" the club would pursue another starting pitcher before the season begins, reports Steve Gilbert of

The D'Backs have added two arms to their rotation this winter -- Brandon McCarthy and Randall Delgado -- and traded away one -- Trevor Bauer. As it stands, the club's depth chart lists eight options for the five slots needed, more than enough to cover them should anyone get injured.


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Right now, Ian Kennedy, McCarthy, Trevor Cahill, and Wade Miley are locks for the rotation, while Patrick Corbin, Tyler Skaggs, Daniel Hudson, and Delgado are all stellar fifth options.

With those kind of arms stocked up and ready to go, Arizona really has no need to add another arm, especially one that has had such little big-league success like Porcello. In any case, Towers is leaving the country today on vacation so any potential deals will likely have to wait until he returns.