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Yankees Round Up: A-Rod, Robertson, Johnson, Kottaras

The Yankees have been strangely quiet this off-season, staying out of the Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke bidding, passing up the chance to trade for Justin Upton and generally laying low. Has austerity finally come to the Bronx or is this the calm before the spending storm?

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

This week the made a few small moves and received some troubling news about one of their star players:

Alex Rodriguez Injury: Yankees 3B could miss entire 2013 season- MLB Daily Dish

A-Rod may be out longer than the original estimate, meaning Yankees fans will get more Kevin Youkilis than in the original estimate

Cashman Revises A-Rod Prognosis to "Maybe Never"- Pinstriped Bible

Our Yankees experts make a valid point, concerning the loss of Alex Rodriguez, namely that Youkilis isn’t the most reliably healthy guy either, and maybe Brian Cashman should back-up his back-up plan.

New York Yankees sign Dan Johnson- MLB Daily Dish

It may not help then handle the possible loss of Alex Rodriquez much, but the Yankees have signed famed Red Sox-killer Dan Johnson.

Yankees & David Robertson Avoid Arbitration With One-Year Deal- MLB Daily Dish

New York also reached an agreement with ace reliever David Robertson, their final arbitration-eligible player this week.

George Kottaras DFA'd by A's: Yankees Watch Royals Claim Him- Pinstriped Bible

The Yankees need some help behind the plate and Steve Goldman would have like that help to come in the form of George Kottaras who was claimed by the Royals yesterday.