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Nationals Round-Up: Rizzo, Vazquez, Zimmermann, Strasburg

The Washington Nationals are still the favorites in the National League East, but the Atlanta Braves are putting the pressure on the defending champs and cornering the market on Uptons. Here is the latest from the capital.

Greg Fiume

The Nationals were the best team in baseball in 2012 and they could be even better in 2013 with the addition of Denard Span, Dan Haren and Rafael Soriano. It was a time of reflection and celebration for Washington this week:

Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo On 106.7 The FAN In D.C.; + Other NatsFest News- Federal Baseball

It’s NatFest time in Washington, which is not to be confused with GnatFest, which happens every summer in little league outfields everywhere. The fine folks at Federal Baseball have all the details for you.

Nationals rumors: Javier Vazquez still on radar- MLB Daily Dish

The Nationals have a ton of pitching, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking for more. In this case, the Nats are bargain hunting and scouting the veteran Vazquez.

Nationals rumors: Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard, Kyle Lohse-MLB Daily Dish

Following the signing of Rafael Soriano, could the Nationals deal some of their young pitching talent and then ink Kyle Lohse?

Nationals rumors: Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond extensions? - MLB Daily Dish

Two players the Nationals want to hang on to are Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. The team could look to work out extensions with the young stars as spring training approaches.

Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg and The Real Meaning Of "No Restrictions"- Federal Baseball

Speaking of pitching, next season Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg will be off the leash. Does this mean Washington will spend young Stephen to the mound every second day like the Greys did with Old Hoss Radbourn? Sadly, the answer is no.