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Mets Rumors: Bourn, Hairston, Wilson, Wheeler

Here's a quick roundup of Mets news and rumors over the weekend.

Andrew Burton

The Mets are "very reluctant" to give up a draft pick as a cost to bring Michael Bourn onto the team, Mets GM Sandy Alderson said in a Jim Bowden-hosted this morning. This will-they/won't-they dance with Bourn, the MLBPA, and MLB has taken a bit of a front seat since the Cubs signed Scott Hairston, a Met for the past two seasons.

Reluctant as they are (which some speculate might be "all for show"), Alderson leaves the door open for bringing on Bourn anyway because the strength of his farm system could withstand the loss of the upcoming 1st-round pick.

Alderson also said he might take another look at Brian Wilson pitching in the coming days, and acknowledged he was still early in the process [of healing/recovering from surgery] the first/last time they watched him pitch.

Other notes:

  • Shaun Marcum is a bargain for the Mets, according to Matt Snyder of CBS Sports. Snyder's numbers are a bit off (the deal could total up to $8M after incentives, not $6M as originally reported), but his underlying point remains that Marcum is a quality pickup at a relative bargain.
  • Zack Wheeler's agent, Al Goetz, suggests that the RHP should/could make the rotation per a report from Sean Brennan of the New York Daily News. The exact quote is, "If the Mets have five starters better than what I saw from (Wheeler) they will win the East." I'm not sure whether that means he thinks Wheeler should make the rotation, but perhaps Brennan had more from the agent than what he reported.
  • Marc Normandin takes a great look at the Bourn/draft pick compensation mess and it's a good read. Don't miss it.