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Carl Pavano injury: 'It was very, very serious'

Free agent right-hander Carl Pavano's injury was more serious than initially thought.

Jason Miller

It was reported last week that free agent right-hander Carl Pavano had to have his spleen removed after sustaining an injury while shoveling snow. This prompted a few jokes, but Pavano's agent, David Pepe, said earlier today that his client's injury "was very, very serious," according to the Associated Press.

"He lost a lot of blood. It was very, very serious," agent David Pepe said Monday.

Initially, Pavano didn't believe the injury was serious following his fall. However, he didn't feel right after a workout a few days later, prompting a visit to the hospital, according to Pepe.

Once he arrived and was admitted, the doctors determined Pavano's spleen was lacerated. They tried to control the bleeding and did everything they could to not take it out, but Pavano ultimately had to undergo surgery to remove the spleen.

Pepe is hoping Pavano will be released from the hospital this week. Still, he wasn't willing to put a timetable on the free agent's return to baseball. Pepe considers Pavano "fortunate" to have caught the injury when he did and have the presence of mind to go to the hospital. At this point. Pavano will be focused on getting his strength back, and he'll "worry about baseball later," according to Pepe.